The “L” word

“I fell in love like I fall asleep; slow and then all at once.”

8 letters, three words. Kind of crazy how it can change the course of everything you have planned isn’t it?

When I started dating Sir about 3 months ago, I never once thought that there would be any remote possibility of a future. He lives about an hour away, and he works completely different hours than I do.

I guess that’s a dumb statement – of course the thought crossed my mind. When you’re 33 and dating, you have to look at the person you’re dating and wonder if you can see a future with them…because if you don’t, it’s a waste of time. Gone are the days of just dating for fun, the days where you don’t really care about the outcome, you just want to have fun. When you’re 33, or in his case 37, it’s a little more serious than that.

Then, one random Thursday night several days and weeks after we started dating he came out with it. “I love you.”

That all familiar ache popped into my chest. You know what I’m talking about. That first time someone says that to you, your chest constricts, your stomach gets the zoo and then you’re faced with the question…do I feel the same way? What are the repercussions of saying it back? How vulnerable will you become and is it really worth it?

Here I sit four days later. I took the plunge and I said it back.

I’m crazy right? Yes. I think so.

4 thoughts on “The “L” word

  1. Crazy in love, is the fact that while I was reading this, I’m listening to Beyonce, “Dangerously In Love 2”. #IsntItIronic, don’t you think, yes I really do think, “From the heart, the mouth speaks.” Thanks to sharing, the love.


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