One Day…

One day you’ll be sitting on the couch wrapped up in a hoodie and blankets and feel like crying…But the tears won’t come anymore. You’ll think about how hard the past few months have been…or even how hard this year has been and you’ll want to just break down, and have someone hold you. But you won’t go there.

One day you’ll catch yourself singing your song, and you won’t long for him the way you used to.

One day you’ll catch yourself dancing in the shower that once held you and your tears-and you’ll realize, you’re going to make it.

One day, you’ll walk past him, and he’ll look up at you by instinct, and you’ll just keep walking. He’ll crack a little on the inside because you’re showing him you no longer need those eyes to reassure you that life is going to be okay. You no longer need anything from him-you’ve taught yourself all of this on your own.

One day, you’ll reach for the phone to call him, but this time, you’ll dial the number of a girl friend-or you’ll put the phone down all-together, because you’ve learned that there is absolutely nothing that will bring you solace from a conversation with him.

One day, a stranger will touch you. You’ll feel the warmth of another man’s hand-the softness in their kiss and the avalanche that would have once filled your mind with horrible crippling emotions won’t happen anymore. The warmth and softness will be both exciting and liberating. You’re no long comparing him to someone else.

If you heart gets broken again, sure-you’ll wrap it all up and he’ll come flooding to your mind. But you can take a deep breathe and know that for just a moment…You made it without him. And you’ll exhale knowing that he hasn’t quite made it yet, because he’s waiting for you to come back. He’s waiting for you to make the lonely call, send the sad text…something to show him that you’re needy and lonely leaving him full of the power that you’ve tried so desperately to remove from him.

You’ve got this baby, all of these one day scenarios aren’t too far away. You’ll be able to do all of this on your own.

“And you know it’s not like she’s forgot about him, she’s just dealing with the pain. The fact that she survived so well without him…you know it’s driving him insane. And the crazy thing about it, is she’d take him back, but the fool in him that walked out-is the fool that just won’t ask..she’s gonna make it, he never will. He’s at the foot of the mountain, she’s over that hill. He’s sinking at sea, her sails are filled…she’s gonna make it…he never will.”

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